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Manifeste pour la dignité (Manifesto for Dignity) (February 2021)

The consequences of the pandemic on some Swiss people are dramatic. The CCSI is one of more than fifty associations that coordinated to ask the authorities of the Canton of Fribourg for 7 urgent measures:

  • Guaranteeing the right to food
  • Waiving of the requirement for social assistance reimbursement; standardization and equality of treatment
  • Introduction of supplementary benefits for families
  • Digital inclusion for all
  • Participation of the people concerned in decisions and measures to prevent and fight against poverty
  • Access to decent housing for all
  • Strengthening social integration of isolated people

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Poverty is not a crime ! (January 2021)

People without a Swiss passport who have lived in our country for more than ten years should no longer be deported simply because they are dependent on social assistance. This is why the CCSI has signed the petition.