We envision a just world united in solidarity where everyone’s fundamental rights and dignity are respected, regardless of nationality

Our actions on both the individual and collective levels contribute to an open and welcoming society that treats both Swiss nationals and immigrants as equals.

We are dedicated to working for the rights of migrants and their equal access to justice. We advise, support and accompany them to obtain a residency status.

We are committed to universal access to health care. We help people without a residence permit obtain both health insurance coverage and related subsidies.

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We use our considerable expertise to educate citizens as well as political and institutional actors on how to commit to protecting the rights of migrants.

Our organization is an active member of the Swiss Romand Observatory on the Rights of Asylum Seekers and Foreigners (ODAE Romand), whose missions is to document the experience of foreigners living in Switzerland. As such, we contribute to creating informed public opinion and to infusing facts and real events into a public debate that is often marked by fear, confusion and untruths.

To learn more about ODAE : www.odae-romand.ch

Additionally, we take action – to the extent of our resources – in favor of legislative changes and to assure that existing legal framework better protects the rights and interests of immigrants in Switzerland (for example: participating in consultation procedures, communicating with authorities, etc.).

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