Singularity, autonomy, dignity, understanding

The CCSI Fribourg is a non-profit organization that is both free of religious affiliation and politically independent. It was created in accordance with Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.

The General Assembly serves as the governing body of the organization. It consists of the collective and individual members of the organization.

The volunteer committee is the executive body of the organization. It is responsible for achieveing the goals of the organization. The elected members for 2020/2021 are :

Paul Attallah, President
Margaux Maradan, Vice-president
Cléa Gurtner, Alain Berset, Damian Vogel

The working team operates and manages legal and social services and carries out associated management tasks.

Lauriane Pivetta, legal and social advisor
Nicola Lazazzera, legal and social advisor
Emmanuelle Lambert, administrative staff and receptionist
Carima Grunder, director

Accounting is provided by Laetitia Albinati –

CCSI also relies on the invaluable support of numerous volunteers who generously offer their services. To all of them, we extend a huge thank you!

Download our statutes.

Established in 1979, the Swiss Immigrant Contact Center (CCSI) arose from a desire to bring the Swiss population closer to the immigrant population in a society that has been torn apart by the Schwarzenbach Initiatives.

In 1991, CCSI began collaborating with SOS Racisme, created in 1985. Like the French branch of the organization, SOS Racisme developed in French-speaking Switzerland with the slogan, “Hands of my friend!” (« Touche pas à mon pote » in French).

Given their common goals, CCSI and SOS Racisme shared office space and finally decided to merge in 1999.

Since June 1, 2017, the organization has been called the Swiss Immigrant Contact Center of Fribourg.

The name change follows the creation of the “Mutual Respect” (« Se respecter ») service that is officially in charge of being on the lookout for and preventing racism in the canton. While CCSI Fribourg sought to clarify its role in Fribourg itself, the organization has remained true to its commitment to fighting any and all forms of discrimination.

Listening to your story

We recognize the singularity of each person’s life path. While upholding complete confidentiality, we listen and provide personalized support.

Assistance towards autonomy

We value each person’s skills and resources and encourage taking charge of one’s personal development.

Respecting human dignity

A human being cannot be reduced to a residence permit or a nationality. We are committed to respecting and upholding the dignity of every person.


We promote a positive image of immigrants in the eyes of the population to improve mutual understanding and social integration.

Funding for CCSI Fribourg is provided by grants, membership fees, donations and a sponsorship system to contribute to the administrative costs related to processing files for people lacking sufficient financial resources.

70% of the organization’s financial resources are invested directly in hospitality and legal and social support for migrants. The remaining 30% cover the costs of administration, management, fundraising and communication, which are all essential to the organization’s viability and visibility.